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Sacramento’s Hottest Blogs

So you want to know what some folks really think? Check their blogs. For better and worse, bloggers can say whatever they think—and they do. Prolifically. Bloggers generally aren’t pros—their work often lacks professional editing and fact-checking—but there’s little question on where they stand, and that’s their appeal. Local bloggers who write about Sacramento give a street-level view of the city with an aura of authenticity that more managed media can lack.

NorCal’s Greatest Outdoors

Sun, sand, trees, trails, water, wildflowers, wildlife. Many such words come to mind when we daydream of summer in all its coming glory. And now it’s here. In our guide to the outdoors, we explore a variety of ways for you to put our region’s great weather and ample natural amenities to good use. From hiking and cycling to swimming, kayaking and more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So let’s take it outside.