No Depression (magazine)

Grey deLisle’s new The Small Time

“I have nothing in common with perfect people,” says Grey DeLisle. “I’m not interested in them.”
Likewise, DeLisle — who made her recorded debut last year with the Hummin’bird Records release The Small Time — has no interest in perfect music. “Contemporary country music doesn’t have any pain in it,” she says. “It’s boring. It’s got no darkness. It’s too perfect.”

Dirk Hamilton Live at the Palms

Cheered on by 50 or so die-hard fans (including his mother), who seemed to know the details of every song of this native son, Hamilton gave a performance full of heart and soul. He and Hayes drove through stripped-down versions of his songs from his major-label heyday in the ’70s, but focused on songs from the string of independently released albums he recorded since moving to Austin a decade ago.